Casino gambling ruined my life

casino gambling ruined my life

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Casino gambling ruined my life -

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{ITEM-100%-1-2}The only way I would live a lavish lifestyle, is if I had the income to casino gambling ruined my life it. Stay connected here- alot of online casino accepting bitcoin support- and advice- especially about barriers etc. She blew through that and I heard her say, "I bet it will hit if I just put in my grocery money" and continued. Please, Las Vegas Slot Machine - Play Free iSoftBet Slot Games Online stop this and come home. I've got regular access to my children, I'm rebuilding lost relationships, Beste Spielothek in Chasalla finden found some temporary work — and I haven't had a bet rommy spielen There are countless of different things that can might make it worth it. So he had many other problems at the time. When I first met my wife's aunt, she was top nurse at a hospital and worked administration. Hopefully it will not come to this, but please swallow your pride and get to a meeting. Eventually, he graduated to full thoughts, and by the end of my summer there, they were full-on conversations. I was so worried. It became a standard procedure for her husband, her sons and son in law to head out in three different directions to comb the strip. Any post asking for advice should be generic and Multi Hand Blackjack kostenlos spielen | specific to your situation alone.{/ITEM}

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I work in a casino and have seen it. I has seen diabetics pass out at a machine because their blood sugar got out of wack but didn't want to leave their lucky machine.

The only system worth a damn is statistical analysis to try and derive the algorithm and seed value of the random number generators the machines use.

But you'll no doubt get kicked out and banned for life pretty quick for that. You can't afford to. Gaming machine math models are layers of algorithms anywhere from 4 to 8 layers deep, and all have a unique hash key that defines the starting point, usually based on the millisecond of when they were powered on.

They are set up for 'long plays'. Think , to 2,, to find the average. There is just too much noise for any human to figure out.

Like I said, you'd probably get spotted, kicked out and black listed from all casinos in the state before you managed to collect your first set of observations.

No casino manager would care if you stayed a month as long as you didn't creep people out. You can't afford to make the observations.

Think of it this way: Assuming an average, center pit slot operating at a Most machines don't actually allow penny single line plays anymore, they do anywhere from 5 to 20 as the min play.

Let's call it 10, for simplicities sake. At a max speed of average 3 plays per minute, that will take you 13, minutes.

You think you are going to play at max speed while taking perfect notes for more than a week, with zero interruptions? With no idle modes?

The person you're replying to is pointing out that computers can't make truly random numbers. It is not exactly like a coin-flip. A computer can do something like this:.

Take the time, square it, take every other number, add them up, etc etc etc. But it's not really random, it just looks exceedingly similar to something that is random, like taking slips of paper out of a hat.

All a computer can do is addition and division. Therefore if you know how it "randomizes", you can make educated guesses about when a computer's "random number" is going to be more predictable.

This isn't actually true anymore, it may have been one but its not anymore. It's always been that way. If your seed is a true random number be it radio noise or hat pulling , then it's easy to make an algorithm use that to produce another random number.

But you're right that a well designed pseudo-random number generator which produces numbers on human scales e.

Gaming devices do not use high end systems for their RNGs and start hashes. They are usually time based. I design slot machines. In card games it is the initial sstup of the deck and the dealer or auto dealer's shuffling movements.

I'm sure they would seed it to thousands of a second on the system clock instead of using a crackable pattern. Yes, that and I see tons of people swiping their hand across the reel after every spin like they are some voodoo priestess about to make the reels line up with the wave of a hand.

It never works, and I see a bunch of people doing this every damn time. I design slot machines interface, industrial design, and game play mechanics , and no, I am not morally 'grey'.

Most people don't have issues gambling, but people only remember those that do have a problem. You don't do it for good or evil, that's morally gray, just saying it's foolish to trust something that takes your money that isn't an ATM.

I'm not a casino worker, but I work in a bookies. I have seen almost every day people leaving their small children sometimes as young as four outside the shop unattended to play the Roulette Machines for hours.

Last Christmas Eve a stranger spent two and a half thousand pounds in these roulette machines and then broke down in tears because that was all the money he had for Christmas presents for his wife and kids.

Another different customer had recieved a payday loan to fund his habit, and on his way to pay it back he spent all of it in my shop.

He then went to the money shop to get more and spent that all again, he ended up in the fetal position on the floor of the shop just crying.

I heard he attempted suicide that night and I haven't seen him since. I've heard tons of these stories since working here and seen plenty more myself, they used to really affect me at first, but not so much now, it's just become kind of normal.

Not a casino, but related I worked at a hotel in college, and saw somebody flush his life down the toilet. Wife shows up at the front desk and asks me to ring up room number don't remember what it actually was.

I tell the woman, and she then explains:. It's my husband up there. He ran out on me and our two year old, took all our money and is spending it on cocaine and a 16 year old hooker and an expensive hotel room.

I got management, and we put her call through. So I got to watch this woman on the phone with her husband, just trying to talk him out of this death spiral, trying to get him to come to his senses.

She kept saying, You have to come home. Please, please stop this and come home. Never heard his end, but he was out of the hotel the next day.

Never thought I'd be dealing with that working the front desk at a hotel. Also had a suicide. I work in a hotel too, I've seen some pretty crazy stuff as well.

It's a strange place to be, you see some ins and outs of people you wouldn't see in any other job. Probably not illegal where he lives other than the fact it's a hooker but hotels wouldn't call the cops for that under normal circumstances anyway.

My aunt would often spend all day at the casinos Playing the fucking slot machines. My entire family has told her time and time again that the odds of her coming out on top with slot machines is near impossible but she never listens.

You probably shouldn't do an AMA. There's not really much to say about slot machines other than those payout numbers. I spent a summer counting cash for a very small Indian casino.

She spent a lot, and I guess it's possible that she could afford it, but I think spending her life that way was more of a waste than the money.

For one summer during college, I dealt blackjack at a tribal casino in the midwest. I witnessed several manifestations of despair, but it was the quiet ones that were hardest to watch.

There was one guy in particular that left me gutted every time he came to the tables. He was a high school teacher, early 40s, single, no immediate family, and had inherited a couple million dollars.

He was disturbingly quiet for my first month or so--never chit-chatted with other players or dealers. On top of that, he was terrible at blackjack; he had no understanding of strategy, and he often found himself alone at the tables because his awfi; play would hose the other players.

Invariably, he would be cleaned out, rise from the table, and start walking away. On good days, he turned right and headed for the door; most nights, he turned left and headed for the ATM.

He never withdrew less than a thousand dollars at a crack, and it wasn't unusual for him to hit up the ATM three or four times. I hated those nights.

Anyway, after a month or so, he opened up a little --by that, I mean I peppered him with questions, and he would answer them in monosyllables. Eventually, he graduated to full thoughts, and by the end of my summer there, they were full-on conversations.

It was during this period that I learned about his wealth and lack of family. He was from a small town, had never left except for college, and had drifted from friendships once the friends started having families.

He had all this money and didn't know what to do with it, and the casino was a good way to be around people but not have to "hang" with them.

A few nights before my last shift, I jokingly said that since he was so keen to throw away his money just to be around people, he could drive over to my university's business office and pay my tuition--plenty of people, no time for idle chit-chat he did not follow through.

I struggled with the particulars of his life for months after that. I'm introverted with extrovert tendencies, and I certainly didn't want to end up that lonely, so I started putting myself in uncomfortable social situations to ensure that my life turned out different.

On a funnier note now that I've had time to , there was another customer who, while adding color to the life of the casino, made the dealers' lives hell.

He was a retired power company executive who'd moved back to the midwest, and he didn't seem particularly pleased about it--thus, he bet a lot of money, but was an insufferable fuckwit all the while.

On top of that, he suffered from OCD, and it manifested in stupid ways--the worst of which was how he wagered bets. Most normal people would put down the fewest number of chips possible; generally, the highest stack of chips was about five high.

This douche would always bet an odd number and try replicate the Leaning Tower of Pisa to achieve it. Worse yet, he'd offset each denomination ever-so-slightly, so that the stack leaned over.

If he won, he expected to be paid in kind--same arrangement of chips, offset the same. Derivating in the slightest was enough to set him off.

In addition, he was quite vulgar towards us. If a dealer was on a run, he'd wag his fat finger at us and drop as many expletives as he could.

He took a special pleasure in messing with me I should disclaim that he knew me prior to my summer there; he was the same age as one of my older step-brothers and knew most of my extended family.

Never once did he use my name, though; always some cheap diminutive. His favorite was cocksucker , though I got you boy with some frequency.

At least once, during a good run by me, he threatened to take carnal knowledge of my mother in front of me. I kept my cool, and my run miraculously wiped him out.

One night early in my summer I protested over his behavior, and the pit boss told me to suck it up; apparently his "contributions" to the casino were so large that we were required to tolerate his dickishness.

I guess the year before, his total losses were in the middle six figures. My last shift was the sweetest of all. At my casino, we dealt in rotations--each dealer would stand at a table for 20 to 40 minutes and then rotate to the next one.

He was at my first table that night. The shit-eating grin on his face confirmed that he was on a good streak. When I rotated out, I thanked them all for playing, announced that it was my last night, and then I gave him a good wink.

He died a few years after that--slow, painful cancer that no treatment would touch. While I don't wish that kind of suffering on anyone, it did feel like all his vitriol had finally got the best of him.

That doesn't happen in legitimate casinos. That would require them t be licensed pawn brokers, which wouldn't be worth the effort as far as they're concerned.

If you know who to talk to look for the asian guy many people are watching at the Blackjack or Baccarat tables , people will loan you money in the casinos.

I've seen everything from watches to diamond jewelry to even luxury vehicles held as collateral for a few thousand dollars.

I've been a valet at a casino for a few years now while I finish college. There's been times when couples will come out screaming at each other, or even to the point of physically fighting over losing too much money.

Other people have stepped outside to take calls telling whoever is on the phone that they are at the store or friend's houses.

One time a couple was fighting and the guy took his car and left his girlfriend crying in the foyer. A woman came out crying saying she had lost nine thousand dollars in the twenty hours she had been playing Surprisingly a lot of people binge play for days at a time.

Unfortunately no, strictly against policy. If we paid for one cab we would have to pay for them all. The only exception is if someone is really hammered and even then it's rare.

Most belligerent drunks leave in the back of a cop car. Yeah, it's nice a casino can make thousands of dollars off of you and comp a hotel room for the night, but god forbid you ask them for a ride home.

When I first met my wife's aunt, she was top nurse at a hospital and worked administration. She then job hopped a few times and sold their house.

She and her husband had raised their kids, live about everywhere and retire. They decided to move to Vegas with the oldest son and his husband when they adopted a son.

My wife's aunt got a job as a school nurse, which paid alright, but was lower stress and hours that what she had had. She started gambling and went overboard.

In a matter of months the nest egg including the sale of her home and life savings was gone. She lost everything and more. Steps had to be taken to make sure she never got any of her own paychecks.

If she got cash or even a check, it was gone if she was anywhere near downtown. It became a standard procedure for her husband, her sons and son in law to head out in three different directions to comb the strip.

They knew her habits would circle in until they found her. I haven't gotten all the details, some things have been kept from the family, but we do know that at times where she's gambled everything she had, she was found begging strangers for phone money or selling anything in the car like her grandson's toys.

Then once his money runs out, we don't see him again until the cheques come in the next month. Its a sad life. It's always the same There are "teasers" now and again, to keep their interest.

But overall, the house wins. People who don't get this, and whose lives are not happy, "bet the farm" in hopes of triumph.

But it doesn't happen. We went to a casino once just to see what the deal was. No restaurant, just overpriced hot dogs.

My wife overheard a woman in the restroom say she hopes she wins so she can pay the rent. My wife left me 3 weeks ago.

I'm out of a job next week. I have no family or friends. I can't remember the last time someone called me. My hair is falling out from the stress.

You'd do better spending it on a stripper, a prostitute, drugs, any vice other than gambling. Enjoy yourself, don't risk it. Yes, we were in a small town near an Indian casino, they bought our town so they could demolish it to build a highway through it.

We rallied the town together to buy it back, but didnt have enough, we went to said casino and put it all 27 black.

Not a casino employee, but I'm Vietnamese. Gambling is very big in our culture and I've seen it all. I've seen cars, houses sold. I've watched someone come home with literally a jar full of diamonds for his wife purchased with winnings , then a week later take it all back, AND all of her old jewelry to repay loans from his losings from that week.

Its wild and I'm pretty numb to it anymore. I used to work in a casino in a specialist role that dealt with identifying and helping people with gambling problems.

I would see people ruining their lives every day. There were people who would choose to bar themselves but would keep coming back, to the point where I would have to get police officers to remove them from the Baccarat room to get the message across.

I remember one man who was deported because he had to have a certain amount of money to stay in the country not sure on specifics there and he'd gambled everything away.

One of the people I met that absolutely broke my heart was the same age as me about 21 at the time - gambling is legal from 18 here. He was an international student from India.

There were lots of young Indian guys who would frequent the casino; some of them came in because they drove taxis and by the time they had finished their shift the casino was the only place that was open for them to get a drink.

The rest of them came because that's where their friends were. This guy came to me because he was losing his money and had started crying.

I sat down with him and listened to his story. He had started coming to the casino because the only people he knew in the country would come here all the time.

He wanted to keep up with his friends and started gambling more than he was comfortable with. All of his income was money sent to him from his parents overseas.

As tends to happen, his gambling kept escalating and escalating as he tried to win back the money he had lost.

Soon enough he was gambling almost all of his money from his parents. The night I met him he had gambled every cent that he had. He didn't have any money left for food or to pay his rent.

He had been chasing his losses and before he knew it, everything was gone. He didn't feel like he could talk to anyone - he told me that his parents would be so ashamed of him that if he told them what had happened they would never send him money again.

He couldn't talk to his friends and ask them for help. He lad literally nothing and no one left. He started saying that he should just kill himself.

This poor guy - he was so young and so lost. We helped him out but I also barred him so I didnt see him again. From what I saw though he started seeing a counsellor and a financial counsellor and I think he was doing okay.

I saw so many people who had lost everything and didn't think they had any way out. I have more stories if anyone is interested. It's really tragic how gambling can ruin someone's life, and it doesn't discriminate - male or female, young or old, rich or poor, anyone can get themselves into trouble.

I dont think you're really dumb, you are a compulsive gambler like many of us here. That dosn't excuse you or make what you've done acceptable, but that is the fact of the matter.

If you were really dumb you wouldnt be living in a million dolltar house. You do not have to gamble, and with the right support you can learn to say no to it.

You seem to think that people will immediatley presume if they find out about your problem and your situation that they will instantly loose faith in you.

This is only your perception of how others will see the situation and not neccasarily the way it will be seen. You are not unique in your position, many people will be surprisingly supportive to see you admitting your problem and taking steps to fight it.

Gambling is ruining your life, not you. If you didnt gamble your life wouldn't be ruined. You can not stop gambling on your own, you seem to have accepted that I hope that you do seek support from GA and although you have your reservations about it, I think you should at least give it a try.

Maybe go to a meeting away from where you live. As the name suggests Gamblers Anonymous is exactly that; anonymous. Nobody will know unless they are there or you tell them.

One thing I think must be apparent to you is if you dont get help quickly you will end up in a far worse predicament. Earning the income you do but living in debt is probably worse than living on minimum wage but not in debt, so losing your job although a very serious thing wouldn't be the end of the world.

Hopefully it will not come to this, but please swallow your pride and get to a meeting. I gambled last year, but havn't this year.

For a compulsive gambler there are only two viable alternatives, "to gamble, risking progressive deterioration or not to gamble, and develop a better way of life".

However, these hard choice are what will make the difference in your future, not someone finding out your secret.

I would also think that any sanctions of not practicing the high moral or ethical standards would include a requirement to seek out help before any out and out dismissal.

Your clients are like most other people, they are forgiving, they are also aware that some of the best advice comes from advisers that have faced problems and are still successful.

Your success in your career is shown not only by what you have acquired, but by what others have.

Having a successful practice in financial planning you most likely also have health insurance to cover emotional or psychological problems as well as other medical ones; check into the provisions that covers these areas and seek the profession help that you might need.

God's speed, use your Higher Power to guide and strengthen you. Hi RD - Here's something to think about - put some barriers in place until you are a little further along in your recovery.

The experts directed him to local meetings and support groups. Alonzo has not stepped foot into a casino in five years. And yet, five years ago, it had all seemed so normal.

My friends did it. For example, many forms of gambling are sponsored and promoted by both church and state, and gambling behavior itself is not physically harmful the way that alcohol and other drugs can be.

Gambling is also a hidden addiction. It is typically not until the financial repercussions catch up with the gambler that the problems are identified.

She failed to recognize that she needed help until she lost her home and declared bankruptcy.



Casino Gambling Ruined My Life Video

Woman admits ruining her life after she lost her home and family to gambling{/ITEM}


life my casino ruined gambling -

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